Chinese Dates Tokens

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Chinese Dates Tokens

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Q++Studio has tokens to display the following elements of the Chinese Calendar :


Days and months of the lunar month calendar using both western or Chinese numbers.

Solar Terms.

Years and year names.

Western dates : weekday names (Monday..Sunday) and month names (January..December) using Chinese characters.


The use of Chinese tokens is a bit more complex than other languages. Even in the case of Arabic, we were dealing with a numbering system similar to the western one, where the position of each number indicated what power of 10 it was representing. Chinese numbers on the other hand, must be read sequentially to be understood (somewhat like Roman numerals). The examples below will illustrate the difficulty :



As can be seen above, writing numbers above 9 in Chinese is not just combining (1 and 0 to get 10, or 2 and 1 to get 21).


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