Designing GridTemplates in QuarkXPress

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Designing GridTemplates in QuarkXPress

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In Q++Studio, the elements of the dated pages of a finished diary (the output file) come from 2 sources.


The visual elements of a grid (position, font, color, tabulations, graphics) come from GridTemplates. These are QuarkXPress files which show the visual layout of the grid, and where dated elements have been replaced by tokens.


GridTemplates are then scanned into the Templates database, to be included into Scripts whose ScriptLines and properties give content (begin/end dates, languages, holidays, exceptions, ...) to the GridTemplates used.


In the next topics we will cover :


What information Q++Studio extracts from GridTemplates, and how it uses it. Knowing what Q++Studio will look for in your GridTemplates will help you design better GridTemplates.


The guidelines to use when designing GridTemplates.


How to design GridTemplates of a given structure.


Design specificities of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly GridTemplates.


Finally, the last section, QuarkXPress Glossary, of this chapter covers the most important concepts of QuarkXPress, as related to their use in Q++Studio. It is also a good way to understand the meaning of QuarkXPress terms described in English in the present documentation if you are sued to using QuarkXPress in another language.


The next chapter will then discuss how these GridTemplates are used in Q++Studio to generate diaries.

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