Formatted Text Preview

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Formatted Text Preview

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The Formatted Text Preview dialog lets you preview the appearance of a token's conversion within the Script Preview window.



Preview : This is a better preview of the token's converted value that the one found in the List of Token Values :


The default font size is 12 points instead of 8 points, showing more detail.


The full text is displayed, including tabulations and carriage returns.


Full Formatted Text : Shows the entire format string that is sent to QuarkXPress, including attributes which cannot be previewed, such as :


Outline, Kerning, ... : which cannot be rendered by the standard Windows Rich-Text control used to preview.


Attributes removal : which depend on the attributes of the text in the QuarkXPress file itself.


Note that this dialog is re-sizeable, and that the relative space occupied by each of the 2 elements above can also be changed using the horizontal splitter.

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