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Importing Macros

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Importing Macros

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Since most macros are written for you by technical support, you will need to import these macros into your database. This is done by invoking the Import Macros dialog, from the Advanced/Import Macros menu in the main window.



Macros that you receive from technical support are in the form of *.QPX files. Once you have detached them from the email you received, locate them using the TreeView that shows the folders and drives of your PC. Use the edit box at the top of the dialog to modify the name of the macro if it does not suit you. Then select the Macros Set into which you wish to import the macro and press the Import Macro button.


Note that the QPX files can be detached from the emails anywhere, and can be deleted after you have imported them into the database. Often it is most convenient to setach them onto the desktop.

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