[paye] and [:paye] : UK paye week number Tokens

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[paye] and [:paye] : UK paye week number Tokens

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This token calculates the paye week number used by the British tax authorities, and included in most UK business diaries.


Paye week 1 starts on April 6th, whatever day it is, and continues on until April 6th of the following year.


By default, paye is only shown on the weekday when it changes, unless you use the Show [paye] on every day GridOption.


To display paye weeks use the [paye] token, making sure that you have supplied a translation for the token [:paye] in the currently used language, even if that translation is blank (see the tips at the bottom of this topic).


Here are some examples to clarify matters (assuming the translation supplied for the token [:paye] was PAYE) :



Value of [paye]

Saturday April 6, 2002


Friday April 12, 2002

Saturday April 13, 2002


Monday January 1, 2003

Saturday April 5, 2003


Sunday April 6, 2003



Some tips :


To display only the number part of a paye token, set the translation of [:paye] to nothing (or use the &x token).


If you do not want to display paye weeks but still use a GridTemplate which includes paye tokens, you can make sure the paye weeks do not appear by creating and using a child language in which there is no translation for the token [:paye] (not the same as having a blank translation in the point above).


The origin of the paye week odd starting date comes from the change to the Gregorian calendar.

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