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Saints/Namedays Options

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Property of the ScriptLine : DiaryGridLines.


The Saints Options property lets you control the way Saints and Namedays are displayed using the [:st_a] or [:nd_a] tokens.


Use the radio buttons at the top of the dialog to move between a-e-i-o-u lists, and the tab control immediately below to set options that refer to Saints or Namedays.



Within each tab, the various options have the same meaning whether they refer to Saints or Namedays.


Saints/Namedays Separators : Setting a non-blank text value for this field will replace each individual space in each individual saint/nameday entry by the text specified. So, for example, un sing the separator ", " (comma and space) on the following entry of the Saints and Namedays Manager



would give the following result in the generated diary :


 Sofia, Sonja, Sohvi


You can also use Special Characters Tokens, so that, for example, if you entered "&s" (the Special Characters Token for a soft return) in the a textbox, on a day when the saints table entry was Katarina Karin Kajsa Katja, then the token [:st_a] would convert to :







Note that the separators defined here are inserted within each entry of the Saints and Namedays database. To specify separators to include between entries, see multiple holidays separators.


If, additionally, you selected the Sort Alphabetically option, then the result would be :


 Sofia, Sohvi, Sonja


Note that the sort order used here is based on the regional settings of Windows on your PC. In most cases this will not matter, but if you have some abbreviations starting with letters such as Å Æ Ø you must make sure that Windows is setup to sort these characters as you want them to be sorted.


Also, if some of the entries are made up of more than one word, but that they should not be broken-up in the process of sorting, then you should replace the normal spaces within an individual entry by either an underscore "_" or a tilde "~"; any underscore character "_" (without the quotes) contained in this string will be replaced by a non-breaking space and that a tilde character "~" (without the quotes) contained in this string will be replaced by a normal space. See the topics on non-breaking spaces and normal spaces, to determine under which conditions each of these should be used.


Override International Saints : This option allows you to override, for the current DiaryGridLine, the choice made in the International ScriptLine for the Holidays Set to be used for Saints and/or Namedays. This is analogous to the relationship between the properties Holidays Override and aeiou-Holidays, and is useful in complex scripts that include many different GridTemplates which may have been coded differently (for example, one grid has the Finnish namedays using the letter "a" while another grid in the same script uses the letter "a" for Swedish namedays).



Use Holidays Rules below with Saints/Namedays : Diaries will often include some moving religious holidays (such as Easter) in its list of saints.




Using this option, you can tell Q++Studio that the recurring holidays rules of a holidays set should be used, along with the selected saints or namedays list. Usually, as is the case above, you would choose the replace option so that the saint or nameday is replaced by the moving holiday, when a moving holiday occurs.


If you choose the before or after option, then you have the possibility of specifying a Separator (St/Hol) to be used between the saint/nameday text and the moving holiday. Use the Separator (Hol/Hol) to separate holidays if more than one occurs on the same date. In both cases, you can use Special Characters Tokens such as &s and &t to include tabulations and/or carriage returns in the separator.


Special cases


Use the Show X Saints option to specify that only a certain number of Saints should be displayed (this applies only to Saints).



This allows you to make diaries that contain different subsets of saints, yet that all use the same Saints Set. Note that if the value is 0 (zero) then all the saints are displayed.


The option Use Namedays as Saints Exceptions allows you to continue to use Namedays to contain moveable feasts that exceptionally replace Saints (for example Easter). Since August 2002, this is not the recommended method since it is cumbersome, non-intuitive, and is much better replaced by the Use Holidays Rules below with option (see above). If you check this option, whenever there is a Nameday of the same set as the Saints set used, the nameday's text will replace the saint's text. This option is only available on the Saints tab, and is strongly deprecated.

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