The Templates Menu

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The Templates Menu

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The Templates menu of the Q++Studio Main Window offers time-saving features.


QuarkXPress (no file)

Launches QuarkXPress without trying to open a file. Useful if you then wish to create a new qxd file. Note that Q++Studio will try to launch the latest version of QuarkXPress, if you have both QuarkXPress 3.3x and 4.0x installed on your machine.

Open Quark File

Same as above, but displays a File Open dialog first to let you choose the file to open using QuarkXPress.

Compare 2 Quark Files

Launches the Quark Files Comparer which lets you analyze the differences between 2 QuarkXPress files in the most minute details.

Current QxdFiles

Lets you directly open in QuarkXPress, all the "Qxd Files" of the current Script's QxdPages ScriptLines.

Re-Inspect All Plain QXDs

Automatically re-inspects all the Plain QXDs of the current script. If the same plain QXD file is used more than once in the script (for example, pages 1-12 in the front and pages 13-25 in the back), then that file is only inspected once.

Current GridTemplates

Lets you directly open in QuarkXPress, all the GridTemplates used by the current Script's DiaryGridLines ScriptLines.

Recently Scanned GridTemplates

Lets you directly open in QuarkXPress, the last 6 templates that you scanned.

Open Main Output File

Use this menu item to re-open the output file for the current Script. This is disabled if the file is not yet, or no longer, available.

Convert Main Output File

to PDF

This command will convert the QuarkXPress output file of the current script into a PDF document, using the PDF Output Styles specified in the Generation Options of the Current Script.

Templates Manager

Brings up the Templates Manager.

Re-Scan Current Templates

Use this to automatically rescan any of the GridTemplates used by any of the DairyGridLines of the current Script. Note that this rescan is automatic (the Templates Manager never appears). If you wish to modify some attribute of a Template, then use the Templates Manager.

Re-Scan All GridTemplates

Automatically re-scans all the GridTemplates used in the current script.


Note that many of the above menu commands can be accessed directly either from the Script Editor's toolbar or popup menu.

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