Times Repeated

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Times Repeated

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Property of the ScriptLine : QxdPages.


Use this option to repeat the Selected Pages selection of a QxdFile more than once.


This property is useful, for example, if you wish to insert 10 notes pages at the back of a diary. Rather than creating a 10-page QuarkXPress file, you can just create a 2-page file and use the present property with a value of 5 to obtain the 10 necessary pages. Using this property, if the notes pages layout needs to be modified, you only need to modify 2 pages, not 10.


The Scripts Editor displays the details of the above, if the value of this property is greater than 1.



Note that :


If the Selected Page Count is odd (not divisible by 2) and the present property is larger than 1, you will get a message that you may encounter symmetry problems in your output file.


The minimum value for this property is 1. If you wish to have Q++Studio skip the current ScriptLine, then you should disable it.

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