Token Values for Selected Date

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Token Values for Selected Date

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When a dated page is selected in the pages and signatures layout, the preview window displays the tokens contained in that GridTemplate, evaluated for the date selected in the calendar above.


The purpose of this preview of the tokens' values is to cover about most of tokens, most of the time. The tokens that are not fully evaluated are very few. Even the following complex types of tokens are fully evaluated : zap tokens, Range tokens, Macros tokens in general, and even MiniCalendar tokens (this is similar to the preview of the MiniCalendar Options, but is based specifically on the page and date currently selected).


Rich-text-formatted holidays and slogans are fully evaluated, and are denoted by a red triangle in the margin.



Click on the token value to display full attributes information, and a larger and possibly more accurate preview in the Formatted Text Preview Dialog.


If a token conversion error or warning is encountered, the token is highlighted, and placing your mouse over that token displays a hint containing the run-time message.



To get more info on the message, simply click on the token which caused the message ([1iMmmm] in the example above) and the Q++Studio Help will open at the corresponding topic.


For the moment, the following tokens are not fully evaluated :


Macro tokens involving global variables. This is because in the Script Preview, the tokens are evaluated page by page, one page at the time only (when you select a page). Therefore Q++Studio has no notion of what might have happened to global variables in the previous pages. To get accurate preview information for tokens involving macros with global variables, you should use the full preview.


SARAs : This is because the SARAs often rely on typographical information in the GridTemplate (such as replace 'xxx' in 12pt Arial) which is not available to Q++Studio.


But as usual, we're working on a solution.

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