Minicalendar Weekly Bands Tokens

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Minicalendar Weekly Bands Tokens

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Weekly Bands tokens are a specialized form of zap token used to highlight the current week of a MiniCalendar. The textbox which contains the Weekly Band token is either deleted or it is kept, with the token being replaced by a blank.




The syntax of this token is either :


 [mcwx.+yy]        [mcwx.yyy] (delete textbox only)


 [mcWx.+yy]        [mcWx.yyy] (delete textbox and grouped objects)


The above samples were generated using the following 6 shaded textboxes :


The value of x ranges from 1 to 6 and corresponds to the 6 possible partial weeks contained in a month. The +yy or yyy correspond to the relative or absolute method of calculating the current month (for more details, see MiniCalendar Marker). If the date corresponding to the DayValue of this token is within the week represented by the token, then the textbox is kept; otherwise it is deleted.


You can also add a Number of Weeks Modifier to these tokens, to allow you to match the various layouts specified by these modifiers :



Note that Weekly Bands tokens can also be placed in non-current MiniCalendars, but for obvious reasons, the only one which will ever be displayed are : [mcW5.-01] [mcW6.-01] [mcW1.+01].

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