Using the Debug Menu Tools

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Using the Debug Menu Tools

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The Debug menu and sub-menus were developped to assist the Q++Studio development team in testing out new features and isolating bugs. They provide mainly access to the low-level code exchanged between Q++Studio and QuarkXPress, to assist in determining if an unexpected result in an output file is due to the wrong code being sent to QuarkXPress, or a QuarkXPress bug.


The areas covered by the Debug Menu tools are :



This section covers both errors in the tokens of the grid being scanned, and network problems that lead to impartially imported templates..

Diary Generation

This section covers viewing messages that were issued during diary generation and errors encountered by QuarkXPress when processing the commands given to it.


This section covers the tools available to analyze the results of Saras.



The Macros Debugger is not part of the debuggings tools, since it is a normal tool designed to let you write and test Macros.

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