Adding or Modifying Recurring Holidays

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Adding or Modifying Recurring Holidays

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Recurring Holidays are created and modified using the first tab of the Holidays Manager.



To add a new holiday, select a Holidays Set in the TreeView to the left.



Click on the + button at the top of the list of recurring holidays.




Set the holiday's name, graphical elements and rule, and then click on the SAVE or CANCEL button located at the top right of the Holidays Manager.


To modify an existing holiday, follow the same procedure as above, but click on the Modify button instead (the one representing a pencil). You can also modify an existing holiday by double-clicking on it in the list of holidays, or double-clicking in the blank space of the toolbar :



See also :

Guessing a Holiday Rule : extremely useful when you know the dates when a holiday occured, but not the rule which allows you to predict its future occurences.

Copying Rules Between Holidays Sets : if a holiday similar to the one you want to create exists in another set, just copy it over (this can even be done within the same set).

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