Structure (MiniCalendar Options)

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Structure (MiniCalendar Options)

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These options, accessible from the the Structure section of the Minicalendar Options dialog, determine the options to be applied to the MiniCalendar as a whole.


Day Headers

Lets you control the way the top row of weekday names appear in the MiniCalendar.

Week Start

Lets you choose the first day of the week for the MiniCalendar.

Flow of Dates

Used to define if MiniCalendars of the current DiaryGridLine are horizontal (the usual case) or vertical.

Five Weeks Options

Used to set options for MiniCalendars with only 5 weeks.

One-Line Minicalendars

Lets you set options specific to these minicalendars.


Note that all the above options work equally well with the same MiniCalendar token. That is, you do not need to build a special MiniCalendar token to use one or the other of the above options.

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