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This option determines whether and where the holiday symbol or holiday abbreviation corresponding to the current holiday is displayed, when Q++Studio processes a holidays token.


If this option is set to to the left or to the right, then the holidays symbol or abbreviation position and layout, with respect to the holiday name, are determined by the surround and separator options.

If the option display holiday name is set to false, then there is no difference between the setting of to the left or to the right.


While the output generated using this option is related to that obtained with the [â] token and the [fâ] token, there are some notable differences:


The [â] and [fâ] tokens generate a single string made up of all the different holidays symbols or abbreviations related to holidays that appear on a given date. These symbols are not separated by any space, and you must play with the kerning of the token to adjust their horizontal separation.

The Display Symbol option and the Display Abbreviations option allow you to fine-tune the appearance of the symbol and abbreviations respectively, and is a good method to use when the [â] and [fâ] tokens are not flexible enough for your requirements.


See also: examples of the use of the holidays (display/multiple) properties.


Topic 107083, last updated on 15-Jul-2021