Exporting Astronomical Data

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Exporting Astronomical Data

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The Astronomical Data Exportation module (accessible from the Data -> Export to Excel -> Astronomical Data menu sequence) can be used to export a wealth of astronomical data for any location on the Earth (via the Geographical Location options) and any year (via the Date Range options section).


The available data that can be exported (selected via the Select Which Data To Export section) are:


Moon Data

Displays the following daily information: Moonrise, Moonset, Moon Transit time and angle, Right Ascension, Declination, astronomical constellation, longitude, astrological constellation, phase angle, phases of the Moon, distance from Earth, perigee and apogee.

Sun Data

Displays the following daily information: Sunrise, Sunset, Sun Transit time and angle, dawn, dusk, length of day, length of daylight, solar longitude, solstices, equinoxes, seasons, distance from the earth to the Sun, perihelion, aphelion.

Planetary Data

For any of the planets, including Pluto, displays the planet's rising (time and azimuth), setting (time and azimuth), transit time and transit angle. In addition, these values are grayed-out if the planet is hidden by the Sun (in-between heliacal setting and rising) or always below the horizon (for northernmost latitudes above 66 degrees) or if that event occurs during daytime.

Astronomical Phenomena

For all the planets as well as the brightest stars, this option will display conjunctions, quadratures, opposition, helical rise, helical setting, eclipses, occultations, near passes, astronomical entrance, astrological ingress, Moon nodes, maximal elongations, maximal declination, retrograde movement.


As you select one of the options of the Select which Data to export groupbox, you will see the corresponding appropriate calculation options appear at the right in the Calculation Options groupbox.

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