[GenTokens] Monthly Lines of Tokens

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[GenTokens] Monthly Lines of Tokens

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The GenTokens tokens, [GenTokens1], [GenTokens2], [GenTokens3] and [GenTokens4] let you repeat a series of tokens and text for many days, in monthly grids, without the need to specify all the details of DayValue.


Important : these tokens should not be placed on the first line of a textbox.


For example, without GenTokens, a monthly grid may look like the example below, with all the tokens of the first month running from 1, the tokens of month 2 running from 43, etc... :




Specifying all the DayValues of all these tokens is not difficult, but it is very tedious, prone to error, and very hard to modify in the future since the different DayValues make it hard to perform a large-scale search/replace. Also, if you are using macros, as is the case above, the row of tokens often is larger than the available space leading to hard to read grids.


The idea of GenTokens is to automate the insertion of DayValues and repeating of lines. Using GenTokens, the above grid now becomes :



You then use the corresponding GridOptions to tell Q++Studio what tokens to insert on every line (using the pound sign "#" to indicate the position of DayValues) and for how many lines this process should be repeated.



Note how you can use Special Characters Tokens and Macro tokens in the text used for each line, and that you can also use GenTokens inside Minicalendars.

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