Holidays (display)

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Holidays (display)

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Property of the ScriptLine : DiaryGridLines.


The Holidays (display) property lets you control the way Q++Studio handles each individual occurrence of a holiday (if you want to control the way holidays/saints are chained in concatenated holidays tokens, then see Holidays (multiple)).


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At the bottom-left of the dialog, you can specify that one or more of the aeiou-Holidays sets' dates should be ignored after a certain date. This is useful when all the holidays of a certain list are subject to official proclamation.



Note that the date specified in this option is the first date for which the corresponding aeiou-holidays will be ignored, and that all holidays tokens of the corresponding aeiou-holidays will be ignored. If you select this option, you will get a reminder message at run-time that holidays are being ignored as of a certain date (not necessarily the date specified above, but the first date on which a holiday token has been ignored).



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