Creating Recurring Holidays when you do not know their rule

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Creating Recurring Holidays when you do not know their rule

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Sometimes, you know a holiday is recurring, but you cannot tell what the recurrence rule is. In those cases, you should use the Guess Holiday Rule feature.


A recent example was the holiday Sagrado Corazon in Colombia. Dates of previous occurrences were : 6-jun-1997, 19-jun-1998, 11-jun-1999. The range of dates (+/- 30 days approximately) seems to indicate that this holiday is based on moon phases, which means it is probably either Jewish, Muslim, Chinese, or Easter based. Colombia being a major Catholic country, a first guess would be that it is a holiday based on Easter, although the occurrences look like no other Easter based holiday.


From the Holidays Manager we choose Guess Holiday from the More ... button at the top right.


Once the Q++Studio Holiday Rule Wizard dialog appears, we enter the date of the first occurrence, June 6 1997 :



and get the following result :



We could enter more dates, but we can already see the dates that would occur for any of the listed holidays rules, by clicking on it to select it.



Once one of the listed rules is selected, the dates that correspond to that rule are immediately displayed at the bottom of the wizard.



You can use the left/right arrows to change the range of years displayed. Once you are staisfied that the selected rule corresponds to the dates you have (in our example, this is the case), then you can click on the OK button and the rule is automatically inserted in the currently selected holiday's recurrence rule.

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