The Diary Generation Status Window

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The Diary Generation Status Window

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Once diary generation is complete, the diary generation status window displays summary information about the just-generated diary.



To view the output file in QuarkXPress, click on theOutput button (this is done automatically if you set the diary generation option Open Output File to true).


If any run-time messages were issued while generating a diary, you can get a list of these messages by clicking on the Messages button, which displays the Diary Generation Messages Dialog.

If the current script contained Saras, and the option perform saras if any was set, and some of the Saras had a "hit", then the List Saras and View Saras buttons will also be enabled.

If there are no messages generated, but the output file is not as expected, see the section on Problems with the Output Files.


Note that even after you have closed the diary generation status window, you can still go back and list the Diary Generation and/or SARA Messages from the most recent diary generation, using the Debug menu sequence from the Q++Studio main window.




See also: Generation Messages Dialog, Listing SARA Hits.

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