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Applies to International.


The Languages property determines which languages are used by a Script.


To add a language, select it in the TreeView and click on the ADD button. To remove a language from the list, select it in the list on the right and click on REMOVE. To change the order in which the languages are selected, use the UP and DOWN arrows. All the above can also be carried out using drag and drop.


If the Scripts Editor is wide enough, Q++Studio will display the names of all selected Languages on the International ScriptLine. Otherwise, Q++Studio will display the number of languages.




The full list of selected Languages can always be obtained, without opening its property editor, by placing your mouse cursor over the Languages property, in the Properties Inspector :



Languages selected are assigned, in order, to the tokens' LanguageTag from "a" to "z". This means that a diary can have at most 26 languages (not a crippling limitation).

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