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Manually Selecting Files to Send to Technical Support

(not recommended)

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The recommended way of contacting technical support is to let Q++Studio automatically select the files and tables to send.



However, if you really need to select the files to attach yourself, you can use the right part of the technical support dialog to add or remove files form the attachments you are sending us.


You can also have Q++Studio automatically attach databases that may help us to diagnose your problem.


Select p-Code Tables if you are having a problem while generating a diary (incorrect output, crash, etc…).


Select Sara Tables if a Sara is not yielding the expected results.


You can add any files you wish to the Attached Files ListBox.


By default, if a script is open, Q++Studio will automatically add to this list box all the GridTemplates and QuarkPages used in your script as well as its output file.


If you are having problems editing data, or feel that your data is causing problems when generating a diary, you may also decide to send us some of your data tables, using the Data CheckListBox.


See also: technical support.