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Minicals (Others)

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Property of the ScriptLine : DiaryGridLines.


This property is very similar to Minicalendars, and is only used if the settings for non-current minicalendars differ from the settings for current minicalendars. This is rarely the case and therefore this property is disabled by default. To enable it, go to the Minicalendars settings, and un-check the All Minicals option.


The points specific to this property are :


The Current Day options are never available.


The Current Week options are, however, available, since parts of the current week are often found in the previous or next months.


In the case of yearly Templates, the property MiniCal (Current) does not exist, and all MiniCalendars are non-Current.


If all your MiniCalendars for a given diary look the same, or almost, use the buttons which allow you to use the defaults, or the same settings as the MiniCal (Current) options.

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