MiniCalendar Dates Markers

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MiniCalendar Dates Markers

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The positions of each possible date of a MiniCalendar are marked by the @ marker.



A few points to note :


You should place @ markers in every position where a date might occur. Q++Studio will then replace each @ by a date or a blank, as shown above.

There are many minicalendar options that let you customize the appearance of each @ depending on whether the date is in the current week, day, ... However, if you know that some attributes will always be present in the same positions (such as the last weekday in bold in the example above) then you can set these attributes directly in the GridTemplate.


You can re-use the same minicalendar token for different weekstarts, but the number of rows and columns of @ must match the number of rows and column expected of cases such as vertical or 5 weeks only minicalendars.

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