Ordering the appearance of holidays which fall on the same date

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Ordering the appearance of holidays which fall on the same date

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The order in which holidays occur in a diary, for a given token is based on 2 levels of ordering.


The first level is based on the Holidays Sets used in the aeiou-Holidays that correspond to the holidays token (usually [fa] or [fâ] or [â]).



In the above example, you are garanteed that, for a given date, all holidays will occur in your diary in the order of the sets listed. So for example, if on October 12, there was a holiday in both the USA only and Canada only lists, then the holiday from the USA only set would occur first.


The second level is based on the relative priority of each recurring holiday and/or one-time-date within the same Holidays Sets.



In the above example, if 2 holidays rules of the USA only set occur on the same date, then the holiday rules will appear in the order of their relative priorities (going from 1-20). The relative priority only has an effect for holidays and one-time-dates within the same Holidays Set.


For more details, see : The order of Holidays.

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