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Selected Page Count

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Read-only, property of the ScriptLine: QuarkPages.


This property is the number of pages that are selected from the current QuarkPages. This number is a combination of the number of pages of the Quark File and the range of pages selected in Selected Pages.


This is not the same as the total number of pages contained in the file used by Quark File, which is given by the property Quark Page Count.


This number is not the total number of pages (the total page count property) that the current ScriptLine will contribute to the script, since the property times repeated allows you to specify that the pages selected from a Quark file should be repeated more than once.


To clarify matters, the scripts editor displays the details of the above, and related calculation, if the value of the Times Repeated property is more than one.


See also: Quark file, Quark page count, selected pages, times repeated, total page count.