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If the current DiaryGridLine's GridTemplate is splittable, this GridOption will be available to let you decide if the current DiaryGridLine should start on a left or right page. For example you may have a 2 days/2 pages grid which you wish to start on a right page.


From the point of view of Q++Studio, a grid is splittable if it has a high enough symmetry and Q++Studio can figure out unambiguously which dates belong to which pages. Concretely this means that a splittable grid must at least have an even number of pages, and a number of periods (days, weeks, months, depending on the structure you set for this grid in the Templates Manager) which is divisible by the number of pages.


If the option to start on the left or the right is disabled, even though the current grid should be splittable according to the above guidelines, then make sure that the current grid's template was not scanned with the option Do not split set to true.


Note that sometimes Q++Studio will split a grid automatically based on the structure. For example if you have a 7d/2p grid with Mon-Tu-Wed on the left page, asking Q++Studio to start on a Thursday will cause it to start on the right page.


For more details, see Designing GridTemplates in QuarkXPress, and more specifically Making GridTemplates Splittable.

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