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[su] : Summer Time Tokens

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Summer time refers to the practice that certain countries have (mostly those above 40 degrees north of latitude) of moving clocks forward an hour in the spring (spring forward) and back an hour in the fall (fall back). The normal time is the winter time.


The tokens available to display Summer Time changes or status are :



Summer Time Symbol : displays a character, usually from a decorative font such as Wingdings, which represents the current status of Summer Time (ie. on or off).


Summer Time Label : displays a label to describe the current status of Summer Time. Depending on the value of the option Display label and symbol everyday, it is either displayed only on dates when when the status of Summer Time changes, or on every date.



The calculations used for these tokens are based on the location specified by the Sun Data Source property. If more than one source is selected, you can specify which source to use by appending a digit that corresponds to that source's position in the list of selected sources.


To specify how each of the above tokens is displayed, use the Moon and Sun Options property.

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