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Quark Measurements Editor

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The QuarkXPress Measurements Editor is an edit control that has been modified to mimic the behavior of the measurements editors in QuarkXPress.


The default units to which all calculations are set are those specified in the size: units property of the current script.


You can type in calculations using the 4 operators + -/* (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication), as shown below. This is particularly useful if you need to calculate the leading to use between a series of lines, or the step and repeat size to use.



Each editor is setup to display a specific type of units (millimeters, inches, points or percent), but you can combine elements using various units, as shown below.



You can type either a period or comma as decimal separator, and Q++Studio will convert it automatically to the proper separator as used by Windows on your workstation.


Any value that you type without units will be treated as if it was specified using the default units of the current editor (this parallels the QuarkXPress behavior).


The expressions you enter into these edit controls are evaluated whenever the focus switches to another control, or if you press the Enter key while the control has the focus.