Weekly Templates

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Weekly Templates

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The are 2 general types layouts corresponding to Templates of weekly structure : columnar and paragraph.


In a paragraph layout, each day appears as a block, or paragraph, and the order of the days is from top to bottom, before starting over on the second page. This layout is very popular in the English-speaking world.



In a columnar layout, each day extends as a column going from left to right. This layout is prevalent in France and Sweden.



What makes a grid with a weekly structure (eg. week on 2 pages) different from a daily grid covering a week (eg. 7 days on 6 pages) is the manner in which the week is laid out across the pages of the GridTemplate.


A daily grid may extend over 7 days because some days, usually weekends, are treated differently than others. But each day belongs to a precise page, and if Wednesdays are on the thrid page of a daily GridTemplate, then Thursdays are on a later page, usually the next page.


A weekly grid on the other hand uses the entire space available to lay out the days of the week in a specific way (it is for that reason that almost all weekly GridTemplates are designed with a maximum of 2 pages). This "artistic" or "global" approach to the week's layout (see sample above) makes it almost impossible to split these grids. It's all or nothing.


Examples of grids which could only be weekly, are those where the days from Monday to Saturday extend in columns from left to right, and the Sunday is spread across the 2 pages at the bottom.

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