Objects on right pages are being moved back

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Objects on right pages are being moved back

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When this problem occurs, it seems that the front-to-back order of objects on the right pages has been changed, with some objects that were at the back of the right pages in the original GridTemplate, being moved to the front in the output file.


Below is a simplified example of the problem.


In the sample GridTemplate, below, note how the pink box marked Right header is placed behind the white box with tokens, and visually placed on the right page, but actually starts on the left page.



When the above GridTemplate is used to generate a diary, the output file looks as follows, where you will note that, on the right page, the pink box has now come to be in front of the white box with tokens:



The explanation for the above problem can be determined from the "rules" Quark uses when copying pages:


Quark always copies right page first.

Any object that overlaps, even slightly, a left page belongs to that left page (even if 99.9% of the object is on the right page).

All objects copied from a page that is copied after another, will always be to the front of the objects of the first page that was copied.


Therefore the pink box that looks like it is on the right page is regarded as being on the left page, as far as Quark is concerned. Therefore that pink box is copied at the same time as all the objects on the left page, after the right page objects were copied.


There are 2 possible solutions.


The simplest is to make sure that any object that visually belong to the right pages, do not overlap the left pages at all. Usually that is possible, even in the cases when you need bleed, by extending the boxes of the left pages (these boxes will still belong to the left pages, even if they overlap the right pages).


If the above solution is not possible, then the other solution is to construct your GridTemplate with 2 left page, as shown in the example below.



Note that, regardless of the solution you choose, you can still specify that the output file should be generated using facing pages.

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