An error occurred while inspecting FileName

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An error occurred while inspecting FileName

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This message occurs, when editing the Quark File property of a QuarkPages ScriptLine. If QuarkXPress returns error messages from inspecting the QuarkPages, then they are displayed along with this message.


Document Errors


When Q++Studio detects the document errors below, the inspection process is aborted and you must fix the error before being able to inspect the file successfully.


Grid contains X defined colors


Box number X on page Y is part of a group box that crosses a page boundary


Scan refers to page number X, but Quark file only contains Y pages


Scan refers to page number X, which is impossible


Scanned grid contains page number X


Scanned GridTemplate uses Sections


More than one layout in document


Document layout type is not print


Object fully off either page


Other Errors


Inspecting QuarkPagess is simpler than scanning and errors, other than the above, are exceedingly rare. If you encounter a message that is not in the above list, then you should contact technical support.

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