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click on any BookFormat property to navigate to its help topic

click on any BookFormat property to navigate to its help topic

The BookFormat ScriptLine contains the properties that represent the fact that a script will eventually become a printed diary, or book. There is only one BookFormat ScriptLine per Script, and it cannot be deleted, moved, nor disabled.

On the right is a screenshot of the properties of the BookFormat scriptline, as displayed in the properties inspector. Click on any of the properties in that image to navigate to the corresponding help topic.


In the scripts editor, the BookFormat ScriptLine is shown along with the values of the number of defined pages and signature pages properties.

If the values of these 2 properties are equal, then that number is displayed alone (as shown above on the left). If the two values differ, then both are displayed with the number of defined pages appearing first (as shown above right).


Some of this ScriptLine's properties have a direct impact on the output file (signatures, physical sections, size, size units) while others (binding style, job number, spine orientation) are used to help classify Scripts in view of the integration of Q++Studio with an imposition or production planning software.