Holiday Date Conflict Recurrence Options

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Holiday Date Conflict Recurrence Options

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Some recurring holidays are moved if they conflict with another holiday.


For example, in France, Mother's Day is usually the last Sunday of May. However, quite often (every 4-5 years) the holiday Pentecôte (49 days after Easter) falls on that same day. In those cases Mother's Day is pushed back one week. Use this option for such cases.



Note that the any holiday setting means any recurring holiday in the same holidays set, not just any holiday in your entire database. Note also that conflict rules, do not take one-time-dates into account, even those for any holiday in the current set. The Q++Studio Clinic does contain a workaround if you need to do this.


There are 2 features to ensure that you do not accidentally delete a holiday that was referred to in another holiday's conflict rules :


Finding Links to a Holidays Set : all the holidays within a holidays set that have links pointing to them from other holidays.


Finding Links to a Holidays Rule : all the holidays whose rules point to a specific holiday.


Furhtermore, when you generate holidays, you will be warned of any broken links, and you can always at a later time view this log from the DATA then HOLIDAYS TOOLS then CONFLICTS LOG.

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