Creating a New Script

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Creating a New Script

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To create a new Script, use the Scripts|New menu item, or corresponding shortcut. Make sure you have used the Preferences to set all the default options that you wish to have in newly created scripts.


Once your new script is created, a few messages will appear in the messages window. I suggest you use these as a checklist of what needs to be done to make your new script "runnable". To do this :


Click on the first message and select one of the options proposed to you. If you are not sure of the meaning of the different options, use the HELP menu item at the bottom of the popup menu.


Go to the next message and repeat until all messages have disappeared, or you are confident that you can ignore the remaining messages (this will rarely happen; Q++Studio messages always have a good reason for appearing).


Note that as you "correct" some messages, some other messages might appear. For example once you correct the "No Template Selected" message by selecting a template, 2 messages will appear to the effect that the height and width have not been set. That is normal.

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