Daily Templates

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Daily Templates

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Setting a daily grid's structure is relatively simple, you only need to set the number of days that it contains. This simplicity, however, is relative as we will see below.


Although these grids are frequently, and loosely, called day/page, because of symmetry considerations, the most usual structure is 2 days on 2 pages (see example below).



A structure of 1 day on 1 page in Q++Studio would usually only be used for pads, which have no left and right pages. Even so, many of these pads treat Saturdays and Sundays differently leading to a 7 days on 6 pages format where Mondays to Fridays each occupy a full page, and Saturdays and Sundays share the last page.



Another common structure is 7 days on 4 pages. In this structure, there are 2 days per page for the first 3 pages, and the Sunday shares the last page with a half-page of notes or weekly recap.


The above examples were meant to illustrate the fact that, although relatively simple, daily grid structure does posess subtleties. This apparent simplicity can also lead to many design errors when creating daily GridTemplates, if one is not aware of the common "gotchas!" and issues which must be addressed.

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