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The fonts used in scripts and templates data report is accessible via the Data => Scripts/Data Reports menu of the main window, and shows, for each font installed on the current workstation, all the scripts and QuarkXPress files that use it.


See the Validity section at the bottom of this topic.


This report dialog is also available via the Scripts => Uses => Used Fonts menu of the main window, in which case, the list of fonts and QuarkXPress files that use them, is limited to the current script.




Detailed Presentation


The default presentation of the fonts used in scripts and templates data report shows the detail of each font as it is used by each DiaryGridLine and PlainQuarkPages in an advanced data grid which can then be used to group results by template or by date or by script.


Summary Presentation


Sometimes, however, a more synthetic report is desirable, one that only lists the fonts used and the number of scripts and/or templates in which each font is used.



Clicking on the Show Summary Only check-box at the bottom-left of the report window then displays each font only once, with the number of scripts and templates in which it is used, as shown in the image below.


As discussed in the topic of templates properties, the main possible values for the FONTSTATUS column are:


STATUS_OK_USED: the font is used in the selected QuarkXPress document and is installed on the current workstation.

MISSING_USED: the font is used in the selected QuarkXPress document but it is not installed on the current workstation (use the installed fonts tool to view the full list of available fonts on your computer). This status would lead to the scanning warning 182810.

MISSING_NOT_USED: the font is not used in the selected QuarkXPress document's text, but it is used in part of its definitions (usually this status comes from style sheets that are defined with the mentioned font, but which are not used in the current QuarkXPress document). This status would also lead to the scanning warning 182810.


The other status code STATUS_OK_NOT_USED  refers to fonts that are defined in the current QuarkXPress document's style sheets, are installed, but are not actually used.




In some cases, the entry for a particular QuarkXPress file in the FontName column is NO_FONT_INFO.


One of the corresponding FontStatus codes is STATUS_FILE_MISSING, which means that the file was never scanned with font information (ie. since July 1st, 2019), and that at the present time, it cannot be found in the location where it was first scanned from.


The status codes STATUS_NEEDS_RESCAN is discussed next.




The font information is updated and saved whenever a GridTemplate is scanned, or a Plain Quark File is inspected, since the build 20911 of June 30, 2019.


This means that the font information of the present report will only be present for any QuarkXPress document that you have scanned or inspected since July 2019.


Any QuarkXPress file listed in this report, and which has not been re-scanned since July 2019, will be listed with the status STATUS_NEEDS_RESCAN and the mention NO_FONT_INFO. Re-scanning/Re-inspecting all Quark files (from the Quark menu of the main window) will fix this issue.


See also: installed fonts.