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Hard and Soft Returns in QuarkXPress

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The special characters token for a hard return is &c and the token for a soft return is &s.


Hard and soft returns are carriage returns that have different properties. They are obtained in QuarkXPress by pressing the Enter key alone (hard return) or pressing the Shift and Enter keys together (soft returns). Using the QuarkXPress menu View and then Show Invisibles, one can see the different way that QuarkXPress displays each type of return.


The main difference between these 2 types of returns is that QuarkXPress does not consider that the current paragraph has ended when it sees a soft return. Only a hard return signifies a change of paragraph. Therefore any paragraph attribute, such as rules above/below will not be displayed following a soft return, as can be seen below.



This difference between hard and soft returns was used internally by Q++Studio when converting the older and now obsolete, GenRules tokens.