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Holiday Graphical Elements

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The Holiday Graphical Elements are located in the recurring holidays information panel below the holiday name and abbreviations editor.



They are used to specify graphical elements that appear on the date when a recurring holiday occurs, each using a specific token.


The Graphical Elements are:



The symbols field is used to specify symbols for the current holiday, such as the shortened form of countries' name (for example: F, D, A, GB).

The [â]..[û] holidays symbols tokens are used to display this information.

Click on the ellipsis to select one or more symbols to associate with this holiday's occurrences. The symbols proposed to you belong to the symbol font of the current holidays set.


When this option is checked then, on dates when the current holiday occurs, the holidays watermark token will be replaced by its translation for the current language (such as, but not necessarily, "férié" in French, or "holidays" in English, …).

For the Holiday watermark to appear, you must supply a translation for the token [:ferie] in the current language.

Although this is called a watermark, Q++Studio will not change the shade of the token [:ferie]; if you wish for a watermark effect, you must apply it to the token [:ferie] in your GridTemplate.


The tokens [img_a]..[img_u] holiday image tokens are used to display an image, using the file name selected in this option.

Note that the textbox containing these token are transformed into a picturebox and that therefore any other text (including tokens) in the same textbox will be ignored (though a warning will be issued).

You can use any type of graphical files accepted by QuarkXPress as a valid picturebox file.

Graphic Alignment


You can select the graphic's alignment within the output file's picturebox, as well as the possibility of specifying that the inserted picture is transparent (for black & white and vector images) when using Quark 2015 or above.


See also: holiday name, variable abbreviations and recurrence rules.