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What's New in Q++Studio ?

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This documentation is based on the XV4 64-bit Build 21417 of 18-feb-2020 of the Q++Studio diary and calendar automation and publishing software.


February 19, 2020  (build 21417)


Added MAPI as a method to send technical support emails using your own email client.


Updated and expanded the header menu links located at the top-right of the webhelp version of the Q++Studio documentation.

Added workaround instructions to manually install Q++Studio updates, if these updates are being blocked by your firewall and/or network settings.


The box keep, box modify and box delete options of minicalendar dates framing and shading could apply to a neighboring row, if the size of the text was close to that of the leading separating each row (JMata, 16-feb-2020).

The value of the open output file (if no errors) setting was not being saved as part of a script, although it was being saved as part of user preferences (6-feb-2020).

Fixed a problem with the FTP upload of backup files larger than 2 GB in size (5-feb-2020).


January 31, 2020  (build 21344)


Q++Studio is compatible with QuarkXPress version 2019.2, released on January 31.

Added the option of specifying an offset of more than one page, from the current page, in page number tokens.

Added message 182990 to warn you, when using QuarkXPress 2018 or above, if you need to refresh the list of print-only postscript fonts.

Added message 182985 to warn you, when using QuarkXPress 2018 or above, if the support for postscript font styles has not been initialized.

Added layer override minicalendar modifiers to allow you to specify that some minicalendars should use a different layer number than the one specified in the text framing and shading minicalendar options dialog.

Added a message to warn you if the font used for Moon phases symbols is not available.

Added an installed fonts viewer which also shows which fonts require QuarkXPress 2018 and above.

The new advanced font list is now replacing the font list combobox all the dialogs where a font is specified to be used in QuarkXPress, namely the text formatting dialog used in the minicalendar options dialog, the grid options dialog, and the time formatting editor, the moon and sun options dialog, the macros options dialog, and the saras editor.


Page number tokens were not being displayed in Global Saras (Alpha Edition, 28-jan-2020).

The Alignment and Char Align values of paragraph settings changes used in Saras and Macros would be ignored when generating a diary (JMata, 16-jan-2020).

Fixed an incoherence between the behavior of the user interface controls for paragraph settings changes used in Saras and Macros. These paragraph settings changes would be ignored when generating a diary, if the Style check-box was unchecked (JMata, 16-jan-2020).

Fixed an error in the display of values in points and inches, in the textbox changes user interface controls, used in Saras and Macros (JMata, 15-jan-2020).

Spurious values would be saved as safety minutes if no Muslim prayer time source was specified (11-jan-2020)

The minutes formatting setting of solstices and seasons would not be saved properly (11-jan-2020).


December 31, 2019  (build 21236)




The Script Explorer's menu group that lists the data used by selected script(s) now allows for the selection of multiple scripts.

A new font report shows the detail of each font as it is used by each of the QuarkXPress documents used in each of your scripts.

Q++Studio is compatible with QuarkXPress version 2019.1.2, released in early December 2019. However, according to Quark technical support, this update is primarily concerned with problems exporting to PDF on the Macintosh, and there are no new features of bug fixes that pertain to the Windows version.

The XML representation of scripts is now complete and is now undergoing thorough testing.

Added new options to display only the top or bottom or both parts of the 23/30 and 24/31 fractions used in minicalendars, depending if a date is the current day or in the current week.




The character/font selection dialog has been redone from scratch, using the new advanced font list which will soon replace the existing font list combobox.



See also: release notes 1999-2019.