Layers in QuarkXPress

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Layers in QuarkXPress

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Objects, in a QuarkXPress document, can be placed on different layers.


Quark document with 4 layers

Quark document with 4 layers



Some remarks about layers in QuarkXPress and how they are treated in Q++Studio:


Each object belongs to one layer, and its selection marks appear in the color of its layer.

Layers can be created below the Default Layer.

All objects of a layer are above all objects of the layer below (in the above example, all object of layer 3 are above all objects of layer 2). This behavior is respected in the generated output files created by Q++Studio since build 13299 (February 2012).

Since build 13491 (June 2012) any layer which is set to invisible in a GridTemplate will be totally ignored by Q++Studio during scanning or generating (ie. it will be as if the layer did not exist).


The one very important exception to the last point above, is that the Default Layer is never ignored by Q++Studio.

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