Layout Tokens

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Layout Tokens

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The available Layout Tokens are.



[BOXFIT] tokens assume that there is text overflow in their containing textbox and repeatedly increase the size of a textbox by a certain amount, until there is no more text overflow.


[BOXGROW] tokens are similar to [BOXGROW] but do not assume that there must initially be any text overflow.


The [DEL] token allows you to specify that characters to the left, or right, of the token should be deleted.


The [GenTokens] tokens are used to you repeat a row of tokens and text over a period of many days, often in monthly grids, with the possibility of setting line ending options to display rules and shades.


The [LAYER] tokens move an object (or group of objects) to another layer.


[GenTokens] tokens are particularly suited to Leporello style diaries.

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