Using Menus from the Keyboard

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Using Menus from the Keyboard

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Menus can be displayed, activated and closed using the keyboard.


If you know a menu item's shortcut, it is often faster to use the shortcut than to open and click on the menu item using the mouse. In the example below, using CTRL-F4 will call the Holidays Manager just as well as using the mouse.



Even if you do not know the shortcut to a menu (or if there is none), you can still use the keyboard to navigate the menu tree. In any window which features a menu, press the ALT key. The leftmost menu item will become selected.




You can then navigate the menu tree using the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT keys.


If you are somewhere down in the list of menu items of a top menu (such as is the case in the sample at the top of this topic), you do not need to go all the way back up to move to a menu to the right or left. You can simply use the LEFT and RIGHT keys.


To "click" on a selected menu item using the keyboard, press the ENTER or RETURN key.


To close a menu, use the ESC key.

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