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MiniCalendar WeekStart Options

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The Week Start MiniCalendar Option lets you choose the first day of the week for the MiniCalendar.


Monday: corresponds to the western and ISO standard week start.


Sunday: weekstart for Jewish calendars and MiniCalendars in North America.


Saturday: weekstart for Muslim calendars.


If you choose to start your MiniCalendars' weeks on Saturday or Sunday, to produce a Jewish or Muslim MiniCalendar, then you might also want to use the right-to-left date flow.


This option is independent of the Week Starts on option found in the Grid Options property. This is done by design, so you can have a weekly grid which starts every week on Monday, while its MiniCalendars start each week on a Sunday (this is often the case with US and British diaries).


The week numbers follow special rules, if you choose to start the week on a weekday other than a Monday.


Usually you will want to use the Week # of next Monday option to ensure that the week number displayed is that of the majority of the week and not the week number of the Saturday or Sunday.


Below is an example of a MiniCalendar whose weeks start on Sundays with the Week # of next Monday option OFF (left) and this option ON (right). Note how the week numbers of the right example are all one higher than those of the left example, though both represent the exact same month.

Another peculiar case can arise If you choose to start the week on Saturday or Sunday, and you choose to base the week number on the following Monday, and the last day of the month is that weekday.


If you have selected the option Always, then the week number for that lone date will refer to the following week (example below left). Otherwise, the week number for that lone date will refer to the week of that date, with the strange effect that the week number will be repeated (example below right).

Generally, you may only want to use Always, if you are showing some outside days (ie. dates of the following month).