Monthly Templates

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Monthly Templates

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Monthly grids have the richest set of options of all diary structures.


Additionally, most of the diaries you would consider to be yearly diaries, are actually treated as monthlies in Q++Studio (12 months on 2 pages, etc…).



As is often the case, a wide choice can be a bit confusing at times. If you set the structure of a grid to monthly, 2 new options need to be set :


First Date

of Template

Determines, for a monthly grid, the date which corresponds to DayValue = 1. It can either be the first of the month (March 1st) or the beginning of the week that contains the first of the month (in that case, which weekday it is will be determined by the Week Starts On option).

Flow of Dates

Tells Q++Studio how to interpret DayValues in the current monthly grid. Usually, if there is only one month in a given grid, you can safely use Backtrack Every Month. The other possible choices for this option are discussed in the following sections.


The additional Flow of Dates options arises in monthly diaries because the month is a rather irregular beast. Not only do months contain an inexact number of weeks, the core unit of time in our societies, but they also have different number of days.


To top it off, we as diary designers cannot be convinced to wholeheartedly create a grid which is purely monthly, ie. Continuous. Most of the monthly grids out in the world have a strong link to the week; the month is shown superposed on a series of 5 or 6 successive weeks. Indeed most monthly grids use either the Backtrack Every Month or the Backtrack Every Page settings which process token DayValues in blocks of 42 … which is 7 days times the maximum number of partial weeks over which a month can extend !

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