Number of Days Modofoers

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Number of Days Modofoers

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There are 3 minicalendar tokens modifiers based on the number of days contained in the month displayed in a minicalendar :


 :z~28, :z~29, :z~30, and :z~31 (the z can be uppercase)


These tell Q++Studio to delete (or group delete if Z is uppercase) the textbox that contains the month about to be displayed if the minicalendar does not exactly contain 28, 29, 30 or 31 days respectively (the :z~ stands for zap if not).


In addition, if you are using QuarkXPress 2016 or above, then using :ZL causes all the objects that are located on the same layer and the same page as the textbox containing the Minicalendar Token to be deleted (whether or not they are grouped).


The "~" operator can be replaced by any of the following operators to perform a different comparison :





Greater than


Less than


Different than



This modifier is usually used in one-line minicalendars, to have the start and finish of every month aligned to the left and right edges of a textbox.


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