One Line Minicalendars

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One Line Minicalendars

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There are many options that let you modify the way one-line minicalendars appear.



$$ Everyday

You can selectively display outside days when using the $$ Everyday option. The examples below show the effect of having this option off (left) or on (right).



$$=@ Format

This option allows you to specify that the formatting of the $$ markers should follow that of the corresponding @ markers, ensuring that the day names and numbers follow the same formatting (for example, Sundays in bold).

w# Everyday

If you are starting your minicalendar on a fixed date (the first of the month for example) you do not know in advance where the Mondays will occur since their position changes every month. In that case, the option w# Everyday tells Q++Studio that there is one w# marker per possible date of the minicalendar, as in the example below :



Q++Studio will then determine which of the w# should be blank and which ones should display the week number.



By default, the w# marker corresponding to Mondays are converted to the week number. If you wish to change this behaviour, then you can click on the ellipsis button near the w# on every date option, as shown below :


This brings up a dialog that lets you specify the days on which the w# markers should be replaced by a week number. As usual, if the above options are not clear, the best way to understand them is to test various settings and view the result immediately in the preview.

$$ and @ Formatting

Finally, although the Days and Weeks Headers Attributes options are not only used for one-line minicalendars, they are often used to highlight specific weekdays, as shown below.



Special Tabs

Finally, you can also use the tabs field to specify the tabulations to be used between the days.



For example, the one-line minicalendar could use a different set of tabulations depending on whether the month has 28, 29, 30 or 31 days and also allowing for different tabulation separation between different weekdays (for example, Sundays and Mondays as shown in the example below).



When using special tabs in a new GridTemplate, make sure that you use the Tab Character Insertion minicalendar modifier. This will save you the trouble of setting tab stop positions in QuarkXPress. Note that this change in tabulations will not be visible in the minical preview, only in the final output file.

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