Color Problems in QuarkXPress

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Color Problems in QuarkXPress

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The following issues have arisen in the past, either for all versions of QuarkXPress, or only a certain version and/or edition.


Multiple New Colors in the output file. QuarkXPress has problems with Pantone colors. If you only need to set the shade for one color (on/off or with various degrees, without changing the base color) then the solution is to set the color in the GridTemplate, with shade set at 0. If you need more than one color, or cannot determine what the color will be in the GridTemplate, see Template Colors.


Incorrect textbox frame styles in output file. Although these frame styles are supposed to be standard, we have on occasion had divergences from one installation of QuarkXPress to another. In a similar vein to the workaround for colors, we suggest you set the frame style in the GridTemplate, and set its point size to zero to hide it until needed.


To ensure that you work can be resued with different and/or future versions of QuarkXPress, we suggest you always follow the preventive practices descibed above.

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