QuarkXPress Freezes or Crashes

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QuarkXPress Freezes or Crashes

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The following topics cover the various ways in which QuarkXPress has been know to crash, and usually proposes a workaround for each case.


QuarkXPress freezes up as soon as the splash screen appears


QuarkXPress freezes and hangs your entire PC


QuarkXPress crashes while scanning


QuarkXPress crashes while Generating Pages


QuarkXPress crashes while Processing Tokens


QuarkXPress crashes only if the diary contains more than X pages


QuarkXPress crashes after completing Diary Generation


QuarkXPress does not crash but it freezes at the end of Diary Generation


Note that if QuarkXPress crashes during diary generation, then you will see a List Messages button on the diary generation progress dialog, as shown below :



You should always click on that List Messages button first, as it will probably contain one or more messages that were generated by QuarkXPress during diary generation and that will help you pinpoint the specific cause of the QuarkXPress crash you are experiencing.


See also : Quark Problems and Quark Versions Differences.

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