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Property of the ScriptLine : BookFormat.


A diary, or book, is made up of signatures. Each signature is a booklet that comes from a large printed sheet (usually about 70 by 100 cm) folded 3 or 4 times to generate 16 or 32 pages.


Signatures are used and displayed in Previewing a Script, and in upcoming imposition modules.


Signatures may be used in some of the rules defined for Physical Sections.


Although signature awareness is not necessary to the generation of output files using Q++Studio, this property is often used in discussions with product managers and pressmen, particularly if some external elements of the diary are missing and production wishes to print what it can.


If you really do not care about signatures, then you can simply use the suggested "Let Q++Studio Guess Signatures for us" option in the Messages Window.


The Signatures property editor can be used in 2 modes.


In the Regular tab, you can quickly select a standard book structure of X signatures of Y pages each. This will usually fit most of your needs, with weekly diaries traditionally being made up of 16 page signatures, and dailies out of 32 page signatures.


In the Custom tab, you can handle all the custom cases. These could come, for example, from the insertion of an 8 page 4-color signature at the front of the diary. As you add/remove signatures, Q++Studio displays the page range covered by each signature.

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