Specific Holidays Sets Modifier

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Specific Holidays Sets Modifier

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The Specific Holidays Sets Modifier is appended to most of the available holidays tokens in the following form :




where XX is the position of the set in one of the aeiou-Holidays Lists.


For example, to show the name of any holiday in the 5th set of the a-Holidays list, you would use:




Specific Holidays Sets Modifiers can be appended to all the following tokens: [fa], [fâ], [â], [ifHol], [fa1], [fa11].


If you want to also include duration modifiers, then these should be added after the specific holidays set modifier. For example :




Specific holidays set modifiers are often used to list holidays of many holidays sets over a year in holidays page.




Finally, if you wish holidays that last many consecutive days to appear on the same line, you can use the combine multi-day holidays options of the holidays (multiple) ScriptLine Property.


See also: GetHolSetNameOfId.

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